Welcome To The Consulate Of Lao PDR

As the Honorary Consul of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), it’s my pleasure to provide diplomatic representation for the country of Laos in Canada.

Appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Laos, our consulate office serves as liaison with Canadian municipal, provincial and federal governments, and serving all Lao people across Canada.

I am committed to highlighting and augmenting the economic, commercial and cultural relations between Laos and Canada, and creating additional opportunities to strengthen our connection.

The manifesto for Laos is peace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity. These facets illuminate some of the similarities between Laos and Canada, and lay the groundwork for our solid relationship.

Similar to Canada, Laos is recognized for its cultural diversity and its low density of population providing swaths of beautiful, natural landscapes.

I look forward to creating partnerships and introducing more Canadians to Laos, the “Quiet Heart of Asia”.


Mr. John Phanthoupheng
Honorary Consul of Lao PDR to Canada



Peace • Independence • Democracy • Unity • Prosperity